Being the youngest child of legendary soul singer Larry Shannon Hargrove (The Texas Songbird), and cousin of famed jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove and blues guitarist Hosea Hargrove, Juston Hargrove didn’t have much of a choice but to be involved with music in some capacity. Juston began singing in his church choir at the age of 6 and at age 11 he picked up the trumpet and played for his middle school concert and jazz bands.  It was during those formative years that Juston was introduced to such artist as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and Louis Armstrong to name a few. Wanting desperately to become a composer like the jazz greats that inspired him he felt limited by playing the trumpet because of the inability to make chords. While seeking a way to better express himself through music he picked up the guitar and never turned back. He developed a passion for song writing in college after immersing himself into the music of artist like Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Womack, Steely Dan, and John Mayer.  In his junior year of college Juston Hargrove became the lead guitarist for the Texas State Jazz Combo in the fall of 2007. It was during this time period that he composed an instrumental song titled “Misty Rain” which was performed by the Texas State Jazz Combo later that year. That experience motivated him to step out of his shell of being a session guitar player and to begin recording his original compositions and pursue his dreams of being a singer/songwriter. He released his first independent studio album titled “Dreamer” in 2011 which received critical acclaim and air play around the world.  After the release of “Dreamer” Juston worked in the studio as a session guitar player on the side while he began to craft his next project. The result of his writing and composing was the birth of his current studio album “Pitched To Johnny”. This album incorporates all of the Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Sing-Songwriter elements that influenced him to begin pursuing music at the age of 11. Powered by the soulful single with a powerful message “Off The Cliff”, to the heartfelt autobiographical “Told You So”, and the cosmic Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar playing in “Cosmic Waterfalls”, the album “Pitch To Johnny” is sure to take you on a musical journey that you will never forget. With the mix of the powerful horn sections of the 70s and Juston’s unique acoustic, electric, rhythmic and lead guitar playing, Juston Hargrove has definitely created a sound of his own.